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Branding Made Simple

A design is as unique as an individual and idea. We bring your idea to life through our creative, yet simple clean & pretty designs.

Social Media Marketing + Management

Free up more time in your schedule and concentrate on your business; let us do the busy work and market your brand or business through our effective social media management.


Our Services

We do branding — logos, marketing materials, and Squarespace websites; whatever your business requires we can do it with a simple, clean and pretty design.

We do marketing — from a completely set up Squarespace website optimized for SEO to gaining you exposure and engagement on popular social media channels, we know what works to set you apart from the rest while helping to create your vision.

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What Is Simple Clean & Pretty?

Simple clean & pretty design can be simple. It can be clean. It can be pretty. It can be all three. Simply clean & pretty design can be feminine, masculine, colorful or pale. It is your vision. It is never complicated, boring or busy.

While we do have an aesthetic, your business has one and we do our best to use our creative wheelhouse to create an aesthetic that is perfect for your business and brand. It will be yours — uniquely simple, clean & pretty.

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Previous Work

We specialize in Squarespace websites, custom logos, branding kits, letterhead, brochures, menus, rate cards, website banners, banner ads, and much more.

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Simple Clean Pretty Design Co

Our Designs

We like things simple, clean & pretty around here. We don’t like clutter. We like space. We like dreamy, feminine, watercolors, muted colors and pastels. But that’s our aesthetic. What is yours? Let us bring your brand to life with our unique creative thought process and take on a simple, clean and pretty design.


simple, clean & pretty

that’s what we do

logos, branding, presets, business cards, brochures, squarespace design,
social media marketing & management

Squarespace Designer. Premade and custom logos, branding & social media marketing.
Located in Western Massachusetts and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.